Construction Site Sweeping Services for Land Developers and Builders

Alamo Lot Maintenance’s construction site sweeping services help keep your construction site clean, safe, and debris free for your construction workers and surrounding properties and streets. ALM is a certified construction site sweeping contractor that works with property management groups of all sizes in the Greater San Antonio area.

Cleanliness and regular maintenance of your construction site is crucial to the safety of your employees, streets and businesses nearby your site. Furthermore, poor maintenance of your construction site could cost you citations from environmental health inspectors or negative feedback from local customers and residents.

ALM can help your construction site maintain cleanliness and professionalism through our construction site sweeping services. We pride ourselves with 35 years of experience and back our services.

Our variety of scheduling frequencies help to service your construction site location’s specific needs and fit your budget. Our construction site sweeping procedures and practices have been long established with safety first and foremost, and our driver operators are extensively trained in the knowledge of our street sweeping trucks. Our power vacuum sweeping tools, which include Tymco 210 regenerative air sweepers and Echo backpack blowers, are among the best quality in the sweeping industry.

Services & Capabilities

In addition to construction site sweeping, ALM provides capabilities that go above and beyond normal considerations, including:

Effective clean up – Our regenerative air sweepers are equipped with backpack blowers specifically designed to efficiently blow sediment and other construction debris away from your construction site to areas that our sweeper trucks can safely and properly vacuum these remains. This prevents construction debris from tracking onto roadways or polluting nearby water systems, which could be hazardous for drivers and residents.

Stormwater and debris removal – Heavy San Antonio storms can increase the amount of debris and sediments for construction sites of all sizes. ALM will pick up and remove excessive storm, tree, and leaf debris before it pollutes nearby storm drains or delays your construction schedule.

Scheduling and coordination of service – We will work with your construction staff and building developers to ensure that our construction sweeping schedule precisely fits your needs and conforms to local and federal environmental regulations.