We use TYMCO regenerative air sweepers (as opposed to “open” or “closed” broom sweepers. This type of vacuum sweeper is listed as a “Best Management   Practice” for all open air sweeping to control dust and other particulate matter in and about the area being swept.

Most parking lots are swept between 10pm at night and 6am the following morning. This is the time when there are the fewest number of cars on your lot. Streets and some parking lots subject to noise limitations at night are scheduled during the daylight hours.

When our drivers arrive at your lot, they will put on a backpack blower and blow debris off the sidewalks, trash from behind the car stops and away from the corners. After they return to the truck they will sweep (vacuum) everything up into the truck. Some accounts contract for us to change out the trash container liners or request for us to handpick the landscape areas when we visit.

Yes, we are fully insured and offer all customers to be “Additionally Insured” or a customer will request to be Subrogated. Our agent sends out over a thousand COI’s annually. After all the necessary legal entity names are received we will request for the COI to be emailed to you along with any necessary endorsements.

Depending on your tenant mix and use, we can help you come to the right choice of frequency, but not over sweep at any time. Not everyone has a need for 7 nights, a week service. Don’t waste money with extra service you don’t need.

If the request is for a “one time sweep” we need to see how much dirt needs to be removed and to estimate the amount of time we need to have in our schedule to complete the job. Also, we need to estimate how many trucks will be necessary.

Tymco 210 trucks are considered to be “High Dumps”, meaning it can dump into a 4-cubic yard trash container. We have 8 of these trash containers located all around the city. Tymco 210’s are equipped with 2 cubic yard hoppers that collect the debris we vacuum up. Sometimes it will be necessary for us to leave the site to dump the truck and come back to complete the job. It saves us time and your money if you provide us with a place for us to dump our truck while on site.

Over the years, the number of factors that will affect our bidding process keeps growing. To name a few; the wind direction, open areas next to the lot, nearby schools, nearby fast food restaurants, the type of landscaping used, the number of oak trees, the number of islands, corners. Working in San Antonio for as many years as we have you got to know the city and the sides of town where areas tend to be trashier than others. Some factors work in your favor and some against it. This is another reason why we need to put eyes on the site before we bid.

We always want as much time as possible, but circumstances don’t always allow us the pleasure of time. We will always try to accommodate a “same day request”. Try us we may even surprise ourselves.

In my mind, this is the most important question we could have you ask. We set up ALM with the idea that our customers are the ones who define our quality and our success. We attempt to correct any question of quality within an hour after it is brought to our attention. We ask that you contact us within 24 hours after we complete a job. We have a written Guarantee that will be provided to you upon request.

Yes, we do.

While we are visiting your parking lot to sweep it we can provide the additional services of:

  • handblowing of the carstops, corners and sidewalks
  • changing trash can liners
  • handpicking of the landscape areas

Additional services to our street sweeping we can provide a bobcat to scrape the streets of large runoffs or construction site debris.

We check their criminal and driving records. Employees working for ALM will have a clean driving record for 3 years with no moving violations. All drivers are over the age of twenty-five. We review the criminal record on an individual to individual basis.

Being under the influence of any drug or alcohol while on the clock will result in a drivers’ dismissal from ALM. A drug test is mandatory after any accident. We have been known to do drug testing. But those tests are not setup on a regular basis.

Yes, we accept VISA, MC or AMEX. Our 2% discount is not allowed when using a credit card for payment.

Yes, please provide a written request from your company and we will provide the necessary information for you to set ALM up in your system then you can start using an ACH deposit as your preferred form of payment.

We will deliver our invoices to you any way that you choose. We believe in making life as simple as possible. We will send you our invoices by regular USPS mail delivery or email to your accounting dept. and send a copy to whoever you choose or last but not least we can fax it you. Your choice just let us know.

We are all about getting all the work done all the time. Remember our Guarantee! We currently have 10 trucks in our fleet and all drivers have cell phones and keep in contact with each other during the night. If there is a break down, a spare truck can be used or locations will be distributed between the other drivers. We do have specific “shut-down” procedures set in place in case of heavy fog, heavy rain and lightning; also, we have “Winter Driving Rules”. We stress safety first for our drivers and your property.

Our payment terms are 2% 10 net 30 days. For monthly contracts ALM invoices your account on the 1st of the month in which service will be rendered. If you wish pay within 10 days please take the 2% discount otherwise please pay within 30 days.