Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping

Alamo Lot Maintenance is a certified power sweeping contractor that works with property management groups of all sizes in the San Antonio/Hill Country area. Both retail and industrial parking lot sweeping are at the core of our foundation. ALM takes pride in our professional, high quality sweeping services with every visit to your parking lot.

Your parking lot is one of the first things your customers will see when they visit your business. Regular parking lot maintenance affirms cleanliness, safety, and professionalism of your property while preventing hazardous buildup of bacteria, mold, or mildew. Additionally, power vacuum sweeping has the increased benefit of extending the life of the pavement surface. This ensures a positive first impression for your new customers and can increase repeat customers through referrals. ALM’s parking lot sweeping services can help guarantee a positive first impression of your business by making your parking lot clean and safely navigable.

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We pride ourselves with 35 years of experience and back our fully insured services with a 24-hour customer satisfaction guarantee. We offer a variety of scheduling frequencies to service your location and fit your budget. Our parking lot sweeping procedures and practices have been long established with safety first and foremost. Our driver operators are extensively trained in the knowledge of our street sweepers and are fully covered under worker’s compensation. Our power vacuum sweeping tools, which include Tymco 210 regenerative air sweepers and Echo backpack blowers, are among the best quality in the sweeping industry.

Services & Capabilities

In addition to parking lot sweeping, industrial parks, gated communities, and construction lots, ALM provides capabilities that go above and beyond normal considerations, including:

  • Effective clean up – Our regenerative air sweepers are equipped with backpack blowers specifically designed to efficiently blow debris off of sidewalks and away from corners and car stops to areas that our sweeper trucks can safely reach to properly vacuum the debris from your lots.
  • Storm damage cleaning – Major storms are common in the San Antonio area and are known to grace us with heavy rain! When heavy storms make a total mess of your parking lot, we will pick up and remove excessive storm, tree, and leaf debris.
  • Scheduling and coordination of service – We will work with your landscaping and maintenance staff to ensure that our sweeping schedule precisely fits your needs.
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  • Conscientious stewardship – Our crews are trained to be observant and attentive to their surroundings. We routinely deliver lost and found items, report abandoned cars, and attempt to deter people from loitering or sleeping on your parking lot. You can rest easy knowing you have an extra set of eyes when we are there.

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