Street Sweeping for Municipalities, Homeowner’s Associations (HOA’s), & Residential Streets

Alamo Lot Maintenance sweeps the streets in long established gated communities and new residential developments in Greater San Antonio and the surrounding areas of our fast-growing hill country.

San Antonio developers, builders, and homeowner’s associations (HOA’s) understand the importance of a regularly scheduled street sweeping service for their communities. The City of San Antonio cares for some residential streets on an annual or semiannual basis but does not sweep the streets of gated communities. ALM stepped into this service vacancy in 1985 and has since been committed to supplying street sweeping services to assist in promoting the security and pride of our community’s investment properties.

Many of our power vacuum sweeping trucks are designed with dual steering and dual brooms which allow these trucks to safely sweep all curb lines in a subdivision. The dual capabilities of these trucks allow us to sweep both parking lots and streets while following the flow of traffic and all traffic safety rules. We typically utilize our sweepers at night on parking lots and during the daytime on streets of San Antonio gated communities, construction sites, and commercial and residential developments throughout the area.

Routine Street Sweeping Services Available for All Properties

Regularly scheduled street sweeping will extend the life of your asphalt streets by removing fine grit and debris that will over time eat away at the asphalt and create potholes. Street maintenance has a profound environmental impact by removing dirt and debris before they enter storm water drains, which reduces stormwater pollution. A clean and professional looking street also ensures a positive impression among your residents and visitors, potentially increasing property value.

We offer a variety of service frequencies including one-time visits, annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly. We aim to accommodate your budget and needs during both construction of your community and continued maintenance after the home building is completed. Our trained driver operators are experienced with common issues that may arise during a visit to your community to sweep the streets and come prepared.