Alamo Lot Maintenance is the leading parking lot maintenance, street sweeping, and construction site sweeping service provider in New Braunfels.

Alamo Lot Maintenance (ALM for short) provides high-quality sweeping and parking lot maintenance services in New Braunfels. Our clients have relied on us to preserve cleanliness, safety, and a professional appearance for their homeowner’s associations, gated communities, shopping centers, industrial parks, construction sites and more.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping improves the safety and navigability of your parking lot. ALM’s sweeping trucks inhibit pothole development and unsafe driving conditions by vacuuming foreign materials from pavement surfaces. Your customers and/or residents will appreciate your clean, safe, and debris-free parking lot.

Street Sweeping

Residential areas, homeowners’ associations, municipalities, and gated communities often lack a regular street sweeping schedule. Street sweeping is an effective way to prevent street pollutants from storm drains, watersheds, and rivers, while keeping streets and gutters looking great. Without a street sweeping program, pollutants could enter these drains and end up in local rivers, affecting the quality of your residents’ water. ALM’s street sweeper trucks vacuum and blow away these pollutants, leaving your streets clean and safe for your residents. In addition to sweeping residential areas, we offer city contracts for municipality street sweeping.

Construction Lot Sweeping

Construction lot sweeping is imperative to your site’s cleanliness, as service vehicles leave behind mud, dirt, and construction remains when they leave the jobsite. These remains can trek onto local streets which can damage passing cars. Improper maintenance of your construction site can also lead to costly fines from your local building inspector. ALM’s construction site sweeping services can ensure your construction site is clean, professional, and free from hazardous remains.

Alamo Lot Maintenance strongly values customer satisfaction and safety. We offer a variety of scheduling frequencies to service your location’s specific needs and fit your budget. The technology of our sweeping trucks allows us to sweep both parking lots and streets while following the flow of traffic and all traffic safety rules. Our company is fully insured, and our driver operators are extensively trained in the knowledge of our street sweepers and sweeping techniques.

Contact Alamo Lot Maintenance to schedule a visit for us to evaluate your New Braunfels property for a proper estimated proposal.