Alamo Lot Maintenance is the leading parking lot maintenance, street sweeping, and construction site sweeping service provider in San Antonio.

For over 35 years, Alamo Lot Maintenance (ALM for short) has provided top-quality sweeping services to our San Antonio clients. ALM clients rely on our services to preserve cleanliness, safety, and a professional appearance for their San Antonio tourist destinations, homeowner’s associations, gated communities, industrial parks, shopping centers, construction sites and more.

Parking Lot Sweeping

ALM’s parking lot sweeping services can make your parking lot safe and spot-free. Our fleet of regenerative sweeping trucks removes hazardous materials, preventing further buildup or development of potholes. A well-maintained parking lot attracts potential customers and creates a positive impression of your business.

Street Sweeping

ALM has provided street sweeping services for San Antonio municipal residential areas, homeowners’ associations, and gated communities since 1985. The City of San Antonio occasionally cares for larger streets but does not sweep the streets of gated communities. ALM stepped into this service vacancy to develop a regular maintenance schedule with these communities and offer municipal sweeping contracts with cities. Routine street sweeping reduces street debris and stormwater pollution while increasing curb appeal, resident safety, and community pride.

Construction Lot Sweeping

ALM’s construction lot sweeping services help your construction site stay pollutant free and well-maintained for your community. Sediment and other pollutants from construction trucks can quickly enter streets or stormwater drains, causing local air and water pollution. This could earn you citations from health inspectors or negative feedback from residents and customers. Regularly sweeping your construction site will decrease the chances of these complications.

Alamo Lot Maintenance strongly values safety and customer satisfaction. We are a fully insured company and our driver operators are extensively trained in the knowledge of our street sweepers and sweeping techniques. The technology of our sweeping trucks allows us to sweep both parking lots and streets while following the flow of traffic and all traffic safety rules. We offer a variety of scheduling frequencies to service your location’s specific needs and fit your budget.

Contact Alamo Lot Maintenance to schedule a visit for us to evaluate your San Antonio property for a proper estimated proposal.